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Technical analysis
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Technical analysis
1, common bridal fabrics are there?
made wedding gown fabrics include satin, heavy forged, bright forging, lace, Crystal yarn, organza, mesh yarn. Same fabric and the difference between import and domestic, imported, both Europe and Japan and South Korea, also decided to dress different grades of materials and prices. For yarn series wedding dress, often "layer" concept is very important. Recommended when purchasing yarn series, in the case of economic capacities permit, do not choose a four-layer yarn products.
2 according to colour, how to choose a wedding dress?
bridal if your skin looks more pale and delicate ivory color transparent, hair color is yellow-brown, Brown eyes appear yellowish-brown or Brown, eyes bright, black and white, so the bride's skin was "pale warm color" type, white, milky white wedding dress is right for you.
If you of skin partial white, but face has large (red blood) some when looks also will slightly pale of impression, hair partial gray black, eyes is gray Brown, and rose Brown, that bride of skin color belongs to "shallow cool" of type, this type of skin color most taboo white of wedding, and this white and white is this type skin color of bride select wedding of best select.