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Wedding photographs reflect the personality beauty

said took wedding, believes is bride child in whole wedding process in the most looks forward to of a link. in Beijing of Xidan North Street, he City area, is famous of Beijing wedding photography Street, single in Xidan North Street this article Street, has has several picked up home of wedding photography company. but new looking for wedding photography company Shi, took wedding note of things also pretty more of, for example how price, understand program, conditions whether reasonable, shooting Shi to note what and so on. without worried, as long as you spent points time, reading following of content, Set can help you many Ah ~

how select right of wedding photography company?
     took wedding note understand himself and the another half of character and shape, like of style, best asked about friends of views. then in find wedding photography company Shi, see about they of DM or photos, and or read married magazine, married page Shang of advertising see that a has you ideal of feel effect! Because different wedding photography or photographer, shooting wedding photos, all have different feelings, can be broadly divided into the following styles-

wedding notes and style: Conservative tradition: for those who do not know or are not sure if I can have a unique newcomer. formal lifting technique, wouldn't be too dramatic or bold wedding photos.

wedding notes and styles II: vintage Romance: for those noble or the more classic-looking newcomer. model gorgeous, effects are more subtle and delicate and romantic.

wedding notes and style: Live Comedy: suitable for those who love love smile, expressive couple. styling is simple, usually in a more relaxed style, shooting out like fragments of episodes.

wedding notes and styles IV: charming pretty lively: fit for a young and vibrant newcomers. with a light-hearted approach to capturing the couple's sense of vitality, showed a youth was price of wedding photos.

wedding notes and style Friday: times photo: suitable for those disposition more sense of the couple. usually show more beauty and wild beauty of the times. some bold sexy shapes, perception first-class wedding . 
      prices, make a budget, To target a price similar to budget wedding photography company, to read a lot of information, each one ran to see, when you find the right far over budget, white ingenuity. Not to the fa├žade of a wedding photography company or advertising to the assessment, in addition to price, style, also see photographers, modeling makeup artist professional and standard, package contents, photography sites and scenery, equipment and service attitude, might as well ask married friends and family. When choosing a wedding photography company, in addition to style, professional photographer, service attitude, makeup, price and content, newcomers are often ignored, is the wedding dress! of her way, so take a look at wedding dresses, wedding photos you like, beautiful and unique wedding or fashion.