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Wedding notes, eyes background lighting

in a crisp suit and groom, bride wear colorful dress, to the beach or take a group of wild romantic wedding dress has become a necessary program for young people before marriage. Wedding is the embodiment of two hot romance, how to take good photos? Please see the new considerations for the wedding, from the eye to the background lighting must be carefully selected.

night before the wedding must drink plenty of water after 8 o'clock, but also to ensure adequate sleep, otherwise they will be in the next day discovered chubby face edema, there if more Bloodshot. In the presence of the magnification of the lens, are more like himself.

Although things a photographer takes a photo, but now popular micro-distance photos but need new people slightly know a little photography tricks, to exhaustive reveals himself may need its own operations. First of all to grasp the distance between camera and subject, in the context of established cases, quickly press the shutter. In addition, you can try the backlight and blur without PS can also shoot a shimmering effect and strong texture.

shoot the wedding day, the bride without makeup as usual, just shoot on the toner can be, because it will have special makeup for you today. The bride's wedding gown is a chest-mounted, so convenient in the wedding must take to reduce the trouble of replacing dress draped coat, and beautifies the body to avoid awkward and inelegant.

groom needs refreshing beard and hair. When taking pictures, beautiful women are easy to make sweet gestures, men will try to maintain a pleasant and carefree mood, nature is good, avoid rigid dead appeared. Make eye contact when taking photos together to look good.