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Wedding and Studio communication skills

do not add money for fancy clothes

    what are the same, costume guides will show you some very nice clothes, and then tell you, shot once in a lifetime, which brides want beautiful, do you think it took several pairs of today, in the clothes of the region selected ... ...

   , of course, she'll tell you in the region selected clothing, are hundreds of Yuan. --Full gesture of a pair of those who are willing to take the bait. Never mind how much money others, clothing is not the most important, and each set of clothes they design the most suitable production of action. Wedding photos are the most important thing is people, good makeup, clothing is not very important.

However, you can try some high-end dresses of fare increases. Try is free! If you have the energy, you can try them all you like.

clothing is only one aspect, of course, more important photographers, so here are some questions you can ask, Oh!

1, choose the photographer plus does not increase?

2, visited photography site, props, equipment, set, equipment, professional photographer; photographic hardware, mirrors, interior layout, the background, hand embellished glove.

3, photographs of the same person, and are two separate photos, assignment percentage rate? Photographer on that day only a group? Total shoot a few groups?

4, shooting a total number of basic group selected several times for choice (how many photos were taken)?

5, inside and outside shooting the ratio and the number of the Group?

6, outside sites to those places? Other provinces increased their charges?

7, on the transport vehicle is prepared by the wedding company? Such as going to the scenic spot ticket, who will pay the additional expenses such as parking fees? Picture day meal expenses paid or treat?

8, rainy day Reshoot day whether you want to increase (such as modeling, noon meal), how much?

9, will the location within two days, right? Increasing fares? Second is a photographer, stylist, please?

10, who photographed the same day service team? Shooting friends and relatives on the day will the peer?

special reminder: communication with the photographer takes time, so it is necessary to advance with preparations for a party, must not take pictures until the date of meeting or communicating with the photographer.