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Under the beautiful wedding you are my happy bride

on in to wife official proposed Hou of second a months we on in both parents of urged Xia began busy with preparatory wedding, as the I of first article diary inside mentioned of--"if said new married must carefully treats of, that must is two a people most sweet and most happiness of portrayal, and wedding is this copies portrayal", I and wife natural also can't snub.

in fact, my wife and I on the Internet full of "latent" for two months to choose Photo Studio, so painstakingly, is because I know we are not only in the selection of the most suitable for our Photo Studio is also studying the couple live, step by step, solid. Studio visits, too, want to know how does a Studio strength, is not enough to just do their homework on the Internet, words can describe the hype, but it is also hearing deficiency, field trips, is the hard truth. So, we have officially entered the field inspection stage.

before we collect the information to filter out a few online feel pretty good, and then there is the House probe, both services, packages and in the price, to choose the one that best fits your.


the first visit is the flagship shop in Paris wedding Dong SI, hostess greeted us warmly in a seat, she patiently asked our ideas and requirements, but also gives some advice for our reference.


we also on is you're welcome of requirements shopping guide staff moved to several this heavy of album read, during kept of asked various sets Department of difference, like a sets Department price how, and contains what clothing, and has how many group film, and has how many into book, and gift what brochure and so on, also has recently of discount activities what, everything, side spy side and online collected to of intelligence for validation.


will wants to understand of details Basic are spy clear yihou we on find has a excuses quickly split, this when General Studio of shopping guide attitude will variable of not active even is worried lit, coldness is often of things, so see this when shopping guide of service attitude and talk tone what how, you on can put this shop of service situation touch a probably has (thanks online of prawns are weapon has), Paris of shopping guide MM still attitude repeatedly, Natural one comfort many.

and then of course continued to visit another Studio, is still asking Bush, have visited the first experience, visiting second home, was self-evident. This carry on is easier said, when really the wits.

in continuous visited has several Hou, basic has is he, each home of advantages and disadvantages are is obviously, but and to choice, such of visits days had has two week time, streets to run, from price to style, from scale to attitude, any a items are became we study elements, discussion to last, I and wife finally reached consistent, select has Paris wedding.

when he returned to East of Paris four flagship stores, shopping MM eye to recognize us, listening to our specific needs, guide MM leads us to the second floor to choose wedding dress.

went upstairs to choose from when Kodak poster is found, could not help but to ask the guide details, was introduced to know, it was Kodak's activities, Buddha cooperation as long as the new Studio Select Kodak photographic paper printing photos to participate in the raffle, lucky also to have the opportunity to free sweet trip to Bali. Guide MM reminder when we suddenly remember doing homework on the Internet seems to have seen this message, now that I ran into, and may wish to inquire about the Buddha more what's the mystery photo paper. , Said Buddha is Kodak Photo paper designed for the Asian market research a paper, more like zooming and made more suitable for wedding albums and so on ... ... Anyway to buy peace of mind, Kodak's brand in that your expensive, the key is the wife likes.


continue to go upstairs with his wife to choose from, a tinkling of jade full rows of dresses to choose for them, I think this is a very difficult task, also was responsible for making every decision for his wife's sensible answers, and gives very sensible analysis. Women are born with beautiful clothes lack immunity, this movement and swapping clothes this way, and I, is in the process of waiting for his wife to change clothes and a wife to show me dress moments, enjoy the sweet. May find some guy with his wife shopping is torture, I don't think so, this is a good opportunity to improve the feelings two people sharing, talking, women's capacity for self, bought nice clothes, was not the first to let you appreciate it, let alone a witness of the wedding is the wife to be my bride.


a look based on the left and right, I looked and looked, think anything looks good wife ... ...

try again, nor can all put on, repeated argument compared a series of verification work has been done, and after consultation with the little sister on several occasions, determined to use when shooting under clothing.

Next is meet with stylists and photographers, try makeup or something, also had a chat with the cameraman filming needs to pay attention to the details.


a stylist for my wife when fitting, I have not been idle, many seek the views of the photographer, what kind of makeup, for example what kind of shape for the package we choose, of course, also vary, but to listen to their views, not always wrong.

before the official shoot, we have to do a lot of preparatory work, planned not to eat spicy food; drink less shooting night, lest bloated the next day ahead of beauty treatments at home, using your own custom products; no hair before styling or something; filmed that day to select a suitable clothing and shoes, and so on. Best before rules are listed on the paper so as not to leave out, of course, the most important point is, better early than late, if late, delay is their time.

a hard always will has returns, given we so sufficient of active to seriously of prepared wedding shooting work, LED Shang a Zhang Zhang wedding photos also is quite good of, I and wife are very satisfaction, in last selected tablets of when I also deliberately asked has a sentence is Kodak world statue photo paper, after all wife has been caring with Kodak photos quality certification book draw activities of things.

then, we follow the wedding arrangements in Paris three weeks later to get our photo albums, let his wife never would have expected that this made her their hearts about three weeks later gave us a big surprise ... ...