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"Transfer payment" wedding photo studio and tout new

to the "special" wedding dress shop 300 yuan deposit, really can go to the "Imperial Palace" shop? After business staff to check that, it is just a subterfuge store robbed tourists.
Li Kun complained his city on February 12 in an extraordinary wedding photography, 1880 fancy wedding photos, and pay a deposit of 300 yuan. He went to the Royal Palace photography consultation, shop for them to "the Palace" as  
wedding dress, said with the earnest money from "special" go to the store, "Palace" 1880, and he just handed 1580; and all wedding dresses are free of charge.

but he chose the dresses, good wedding dresses have to add money to shop. So he went to "the extraordinary" questioning Familiars of the deposit was not transferred to the "Palace". In his view, the "Palace" only on the 1580, impossible by 1880 standards of service, to the Commerce Department.

wise trade and industry surveys, the deposit does not transmit, but "palaces" that the store from the "package" price reductions of 300 yuan, consumers and no losses.

after mediation, the store agreed to provide two sets of free clothing. But yesterday, consumers still grumble, and because merchants and let him "voluntary" added a lot of frustration, the wedding cost is rising to 3500.