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Taiwan travel hotel industry to join hands in a wedding dress grab business opportunities

June 19 mainland residents to tour in Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait will be officially launched next month, wedding market has also been impressive, including Central Asia by hotel, Sun Moon Lake more than such as Lalu hotel, have teamed up with the wedding industry wedding suits items, 4 days/3 nights trip about 4 to 50,000 yuan (NT, the same below).

according to Taiwan media reports, induced by Central Asia Hotel public relations Planning Manager Jiang Mengyi noted that pipeline people on the Mainland in recent years through Hong Kong, the Taiwan trip more and more trends in wedding photography, the main considerations of Taiwan wedding shoot, regardless of price, technology and product packaging is very attractive, and Taiwan attractions, traffic is very convenient.

in recent years Taiwan wedding business into the mainland market, driven by word of mouth is the reason for mainland tourists to visit Taiwan for their wedding photos. Consumers borrowed from wedding photography trip, stopped by to visit Taiwan for sightseeing, two birds with one stone.

this kind of wedding tour with 4 days 3 nights, price locked at 4 to 50,000 yuan, except the airfare plus Hotel part, also includes wedding consultants, make up and out of the car, price 20% cheaper than on the Mainland or Hong Kong if top wedding dress, and may be hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

Asia-induced Hotel cooperated with travel agencies in Hong Kong, combining Taichung's well-known wedding industry Warner wedding boutique flagship store resources, plans to launch a 4 day 3 night wedding package, wedding shoot new landmark attractions in Taichung city Asia to hotel rooms, 46/f, restaurant, art gallery, Sun Moon Lake and other places, shooting groups about 30 groups.

Warner's wedding, for example, a monthly average of 10 wedding from Hong Kong or the Mainland. Said Jiang Mengyi, wedding photography in the past most of the trip to Taiwan mainly in the North, however, spreads of about 15% in Central and Northern central attractions for tourists or visitors from Hong Kong's attraction is strong, the future market.

Sun Moon Lake Lalu waiting for mainland tourists to visit Taiwan for sightseeing opportunities, also plans to cooperate with Taipei's wedding industry such as Sophia, plans to launch a wedding dress or wedding tour itineraries, attract mainland couple coming to Taiwan.

preliminary planning for 2 days 1 night gown priced at 49,000 yuan 10% service fee, including garden villas accommodation, wedding photography sites and reduce pressure massage.

Lalu said Yang Fuyu, public relations manager, Sun Moon Lake, the Lalu attracts hundreds of couples every year to this wedding and the wedding banquet, was selected by the magazine as one of the top ten wedding photos are popular attractions in all of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake in particular is listed as the preferred spots for Chinese tourists will come to, planning wedding quite attractive.

Yang Fuyu said that other than the wedding, Lalu also provides tailor-made wedding, according to the new budget and needs, design to wedding ceremony and wedding reception.