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Photos 22 camera cheats

take pictures on this matter, but most about once in a lifetime, is the wedding this time. Many MM is always because of their "face", "coarse pores", "smile" and frustration, in fact, usually called "photogenic" and "photogenic" and had nothing to do with beauty, it only concerns the status of your shutter is pressed at that moment. Editors and n of the new multipolar experienced stars, professional model, after photographers, summed up a 22 "photogenic" Nirvana, for your selection. 1. Do not use too many bright Rouge and mascara, eyeliner, eyes will become smaller. But the best selection of glossy lipstick, makeup look nice in photos.

  2。 In the fleshy parts of the face in shadow, in the t-zone with high light.

  3。 Through their own way was sharpened by Chin, can be as simple as a slightly raised mouth, some ears, when you bring to the ears, Chin also pointed out.

  4。 Relatives and friends are in the wedding photo, placed a little behind the others face as far as possible, although "framed" his partner and your face will appear smaller.

  5。 Professional model there is a trick: the back of the tongue against the upper front teeth can make the lower part of the mouth and face look better.

  6。 Displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Even if it's just a POSE, please imagine you are laughing and listening to a lover complained, don't they look straight at her eyes dull.

  7。 Head slightly upward, and nose look smaller.

  8。 Imagine that you are the most beautiful person, don't worry about their looks does not look good, be relaxed and confident.

  9。 Smile is the most photogenic face, but photos don't laughed, so as not to eye fine lines of the week obviously, lost its manners.

10。 Natural stand up straight, straight back, long legs, hips, curves will come out and face will sparkle.

11。 Early Faye the red light doing a concert, singing class, but always feel a little monotonous, because they don't like Faye Wong was wearing a headset. Do not have a microphone, Tien also helpless. So when you take pictures if you do not know where to put, prop, such as bouquets.

12。 Strong light will light facial makeup, so to do appropriate adjustments, too strong light will cast shadows on the face, make people squint your eyes, try to communicate with the photographer, selected on a cloudy day on location, light but very beautiful.

13。 His nose on a slightly higher position than the lens, can make the face look more beautiful, and to reduce the lower part of the eye shadow.

14。 Wearing dark color clothes, because of the low luminance or color pink shirt will bring out the facial features delicate and soft, high brightness of shirt making features expansion of Visual effects,

15. The face and neck and shoulder are the focus of Visual effects, when choosing a wedding dress, Lotus Leaf collar, Cardigan style neckline exposed female sexy collar, very appropriate. Also, u-shaped Princess collar dress also has neck and cheeks look more slender effect. The neckline, chest shirt with a bow tie, so there are also elongated, modified shape results.

16。 If you don't know what their best side, then let the man with the camera don't bother, a changed perspective, you want to take a picture from a different angle, one is good.

17。 Whether it is the use of light and shadow, distance or pompous, in general it is best to highlight one characteristic facial features, or strength, it highlights the great, for the Visual focus of the picture.

18。 Tighten the jaws, face presents an elegant pose, eyes slightly from the bottom upwards, will become more intense, eyes bigger.

19。 Body slightly forward, as a result, vision will be more icing on the face, the face area will be relatively narrow.

20。 Photographs a few days before you want to eat high calorie foods, such as popcorn and cake, too salty, too spicy food should be reduced so as not to spoil the skin texture. A lot of water (but three hours before taking pictures to avoid), eating more fruit and let your skin get nutritious foods. Besides teas, bean soup with white gourd and persimmon, Eggplant has the effect of diuresis and the Elimination of edema of the face Oh!

21。 Micro side cheek to a 45-degree angle or 65 degrees, so face look smaller, outline more clearly.

22。 The last one is the most useful one: often in front of a mirror practicing poses, well prepared.