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Overseas wedding photos "go" a little far

once in a lifetime wedding, plays have become young adults. In order to retain the best of memories, some couples even spared. At this opportunity, in the summer 2009 wedding Expo in China, which opened yesterday at the meeting, many wedding photo studio offers tens of thousands of Yuan overseas wedding project was launched. However, the break is not transparent, the trip to eat simple, run schedule too tight ... ... For some reason people stay away.

overseas wedding offers tens of thousands of

reporters yesterday at the wedding fair scene, a wedding photo studio launched a "Taiwan for six days and five nights honeymoon and wedding location shooting", quoting 7500 Yuan per person tour fee, plus 3880 shooting fee works out to the couple to complete the entire film cost $ 18888. Another wedding photo studio Saipan wedding photography project was launched, 6 nights 4 days trip quote for a couple 18880. Sales staff said this price was married during the fair prices, usually quoted in around 30,000 yuan. Also launched the Maldives Wedding Photography Studio projects, quotes, while more than 30,000 yuan.

shoot, play hard to satisfy

"tired and your wedding abroad, is a thankless task......" in the wedding forums, partly filmed overseas Wedding couples have complained. Found in in an interview with reporters, due to the far abroad, wedding photo Studio must cooperate or inbound tour operators and travel agents can only be finished filming. Part of the lack of experience and qualifications of the Studio, both in terms of travel arrangements, travel expenses, or travel arrangements are difficult to meet the new requirements.

newcomer Lee and Helen saw Taiwan tour and wedding items. But told them, because it is a tour for a group, must make up at least 10 couples will send mission specific time could not be determined. Moreover, the entire schedule is very tight, making ready to Mr LEE as the honeymoon is not good enough.

another island wedding sales, wedding offer includes only three-star hotel accommodations and simple meals, if you want to stay in better hotels or restaurants to eat, need new out-of-pocket. Insiders said some items of group travel also includes shopping, some new people on the day of their wedding photos, may be forced to go shopping.

wedding prices heavy thousand Yuan

according to the Shanghai wedding trade association He Lina said, this year the city is expected to have 135,000 couples married in the new year, but based on past experience, choose the married couple more in the second half. Although this year will still be married new year, but due to the financial crisis, the newlyweds pomp to varying degrees to shrink this year, prices of most wedding photo studio singing "up" song. Found in in an interview with reporters, many wedding photo studio's offer has declined compared to last year. A famous wedding photo studio wedding salesman told reporters that wedding this year offer also sets to around 2000 Yuan lower than last year, some premium packages and even dropped in half.