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Naked wedding photos became a thorn

for love, a pair of "$literal" the young couple took a group of nude photos before the wedding, and burn it to CD-ROM secret keeping. Only six months, due to his estranged, they divorced. The Court, as the two sides made no mention of that burning the CD naked wedding photos, therefore, the Court did not determine its ownership. Was jealous of her ex-husband impulsively when nude photos posted online, once the "witness of love", suddenly become a man threatening her chips. For this woman had to ask men for that particular disc ... ... Finally, patient persuasion by a judge, the man decided to produce a disc.

modern marriage, this is the one I saw and heard of the years community experience, the so-called love love die and lose most would eventually love to hate, even tense, fists, improper handling of one or both tragedies also abound, but this news once again in support of your judgment.

true forever is the traditional ideal of love, the young guy in love is a romantic, illusory love everlasting myth, now naked as a modern young people an alternative wedding, fashion, opening and life patents are cities are rising is a description. In fact, when the married couple naked wedding photos are rated for a moment, is disguised embodies this new commitment to life Bliss agreed by the parties, even when their sweethearts have too high expectations for men and women such as these are understandable and normal, but it's "common sense" does not mean that it is "reasonable".

according to I see, couples Zhijian although enjoys engagement during flesh of close of right, but is may not be has to other permanent show personal privacy of obligations, because despite engagement no clear made has men and women both marriage of validity, can actually its does not is equal to contract, end, divorce is a happiness marriage of began, so dang men and women both took nude wedding for their by collection Shi on has committed has personal marriage free of taboo, Event of an emotional crisis or even a divorce will inevitably lead to its potential dangers even dispute broke out.

same situation not too long ago, Haining, Zhejiang 86-wife, packed in a register 6 months after a divorce. The judge eventually agreed by both parties under the mediation of the dissolution of the marriage. But when the woman drawn to draw down on its own man when the dowry before marriage, but the two have taken a naked wedding photos before the wedding discs put the parties quarrel with her ex-husband, who owns naked wedding photos into disputes.

marriage morals and repeated violations of personal privacy information, and open society, in order not to let their lives buried in various "time bombs", I would suggest that married couples had better not take nude photos. Even took to save well, in addition to the divorced parties should promptly destroy it along with the film, otherwise it is on the other side of the infringement or to new marital infidelity.