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How to save money the perfect wedding?

wedding is a big project, every bride wants to beautifully his shot, hope the wedding guests will stop in front of the wedding that day heaps praise, hope to harvest after years of holding the album a good memory. However, to perfect wedding photo shoot, not beauty slimming alone can achieve, in front of the photos will take a lot of physical preparation, wedding items does not require brand-name, high price, the most important is to be able to put the male and female looks more beautiful, so cheap and the most important, take a look at user blacksnail experience.


blacksnail and her husband posing with relatively small, attached great importance to the wedding photos. From the Studio to the late early selection on the Internet comparison site visits, has done a lot of work. Soon a photo, in order to leave with no regrets, blacksnail also did a lot of preparatory work. Read a lot of posts on wedding experience-sharing, also bought some shoes and costumes, together with prices, giving you a reference.

small series reviews:

1, and now most photography work room of married as sets Department in will contains a leisure loaded, recommends new people select color gorgeous simple of t-cowboy style, certainly couples loaded of effect better, if girls wear leisure dress words also to knee above of skirt for better, more is youth dynamic, and traditional meaning Shang of wedding formed sharp compared.

2, although there is a long skirt, but now the photos are more active, especially Studio work, often also need brides and twist some exaggerated shapes, shoes will be exposed, so we must be prepared for a few pair of shoes with good mix, with large heavy-tailed or some high heels and yarn best, bride and more slender.

invisible bra

invisible bra under the Sun. This is to see a lot of posts, JMS recommended buy. Also studied what to buy before you buy the material better, finally felt that silicone is natural. Weakness is a bit less breathable. Fortunately, just pictures of 1-2 days, is not too bad.

high heel

wedding time. Reveal lovely feet and nice shoes is often the thing. When preparing 1-2 beautiful pair of shoes is necessary. In order to take pictures out of good shoes is the main consideration when color so, does not take into account comfort. And her husband, after discussions, choose 3 colors. Is not necessarily the Almighty used, but still bought 3 pairs.

White: high heels, mainly with white yarn.

Gold: high heels, can match the dress or something like that.

light pink: low, Joker. Matching dress, or with jeans casual.


there are a couple of shoes, how can rice a couple shirts? My husband and I found a couple shirts, and finally decided to buy a funny one. Prepared on location. T-shirt flower distribution is the name of cow dung, name is really like, we think it's kind of cute, estimates put the clothes photographed, the effect will be very alternative

casual color skirts

I made a skirt everyday. Yellow. Color is bright, can take out good results. Ready to work-room. Prices seem to be less than 200 Yuan.

small series of reviews:

the groom in the wedding in this process, plays the role of leaves, but is not so much inferior, if not used to the Studio hire costumes, may wish to take this opportunity to purchase a shirt suit, these are necessities of men, buy the store does not matter. This is not too fancy on a variety, after all, is "green" wear.

colored shirts

print a bunch of my stuff, her husband under the Sun. This is with my husband to buy shirts. Color Bisque, just a bit of white and purple-blue and a little powder and a little hard to describe a color. Because husband is black, it's hard to match shirts. Contrast on not particularly large for this, looks better.