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Earthquake wedding photo frame

two days ago, touched the hearts of many people there is a group of photos. This photo tells of many couples is a old buildings in pengzhou Bai Louzhen "white Deer College on" wedding photography when a sudden earthquake. After a shake, in front of the building into a pile of rubble. Fortunately, all these new peace. How do they escape unscathed?

Yu Haijiao is one of the wedding was the bride. "At the time, winds blew in sand from behind, we knelt on the ground and stand up again. I think I can't live. Never thought they would live. "She said, then they all 33 people survived, thanks to" white Deer College on "recent villagers Grandpa and Grandma Shaw Chiang Ching-kuo and his wife.

"white Deer College" is located in the backwater village, the villagers said Grandma and Grandpa Jiang Xiao, the day before the earthquake, there seems to be five or six couples in the wedding, then come to us four out of hiding. Their house was also bad, but she and Grandpa Jiang reminded the people who shoot the wedding, without view the damage of his house at all, but for the first time to climb to the end, to College went on a white deer, trying to save those young people.

Uncle Jiang, "said roads have been blocked, and I from there past, ran, go! Don't stand there! From my side! There also but not down! I said to them, come up, come up, come to our House! "

more touching is that Grandpa Jiang and Xiao mother-in-law after successfully rescued people, also home to the last remaining after the earthquake all boiled rice porridge, escape people can fill their bellies.

Yu Haijiao said, "villagers were cooking rice for us, and cooked eggs, we were very moved. There's a fellow is said to us, give you cook something tomorrow, you've got to eat. Then a cry. "

in this way, 33 photographers with Jiang Ye, and two days later villagers living near, walk left bailu.

Shaw then Naomi said, "where we don't have a family house collapsed, totally collapsed. Pipe it, difficulties, there is no way, only unity. We are on the side of China. "

China" are all brothers ", it was Chiang's uncle and mother-in-law throughout the interview, Shaw said the maximum sentence. Two plain old man with his action illustrate the human kindness and truth.