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DIY wedding photos, financial crisis, "fashion frugality"

  simple wedding photography package: 6888, luxury collection wedding photography packages: 14888......, tens of thousands of photos even white-collar workers earning thousands of ethnic groups in today's context of the financial crisis, also frowned, holding it. And these suits cost does not include the fee for film, make-up, makeup, take on a day-long shooting, location and a new people out, often memorable aftertaste of wedding the bride and groom before marriage a "off".

    today, a free, easy, and low cost wedding photography modes: DIY wedding photography is quietly popular, white-collar workers are more frugal and pragmatic attitude towards life. &Nbsp;

DIY wedding under the financial crisis, "fashion thrift"

DIY wedding photos, financial crisis, "fashion frugality"
creative wedding a memorable   (file photo)

    DIY wedding, to recall a happy

    Ma Xiaohui married Yang Yang on December 28, with his eyes looking very close to the big day, the wedding of two people has yet to shoot, no set reason in Yang Yang summarized are: paying for sins, they see a lot of wedding photo studio, the cheapest set of pictures is 3680, this location is not included, need to book. Zhiqian, Yang Yang and Ma Xiaohui "to watch" friends wedding process that much makeup, dress up 6 in the morning until late at night, come down to how tired and tired all day. "Think big," Yang Yang said with a smile.

    on the occasion of a dilemma, weekday advertising design of Yang Yang had an idea, thought of friends here today. Lanzhou, Zhang Hao was a newspaper photographer, usually two men often talk about camera angles, people run out of, "why not let next year take wedding pictures? ”。 Yang Yang and Zhang Hao mentioned this incident, Zhang Hao was clapping in favour, DIY wedding ideas.

    "DIY actually really of is simple, I two to rent wedding of place rent has two sets wedding dress, please has one makeup Division with makeup, Zhang Hao prepared has anti-plate, and camera, car a open we on out location has," Ma Xiaohui laugh with said; "Lanzhou of public square, and Dragon source city sculpture, and Wetland Park are is very good of location to, good of photography technology plus we of tie, took out effect surprised we expected. "Said Ma Xiaohui took the wedding photo album and gave reporters pictures of Ma Xiaohui and Yang Yang sweet, natural beauty of the bride and groom are in high spirits.

    "because when an acquaintance, all talking and laughing, easily can quickly enter the State, Zhang Hao is good at capturing, now still has a lot of natural lens is very touching and sweet. Finished my PS, get the wedding photo studio production department to pay production, total costs down to more than 1000, money has the most crucial is to leave a good memory, that happy now in front of me again. "Yang Yang recalled happy wedding day was unable to conceal.

    in fact, before Yang Yang DIY wedding, Maryland lots of photography, fine art all over the ring DIY wedding photos.

    has its own Studio Pei Yi Xin was the first DIY wedding group. "My husband and I were married three years ago, went to shoot the wedding felt a bit fashionable at that time, we said no, said the family got this once in a lifetime and leave a thought. Finally, we decided to ask friends to give us, for people who engage in professional photography wedding is quite challenging, we took out the nostalgic effect, now seemed to be very good. "

   passing emotions precious

    lots of hands-on DIY wedding people summarize the DIY so popular, there are two main" charm "overwhelming:

   " in the context of the financial crisis, each spending ' Tighten ' frugal frugal nothing bad, and everyone knows that wedding photography is a windfall. "Were going to shoot the wedding Li Minliang views,

    Li Min said," we do import and export business, this year we have a clear impact of the financial crisis, had heard that arose at the end of each year, that boss said that anti-a anti-, simplifying your wedding planning much of what we have to have considered. "In fact, many new people choose DIY wedding was moved by relatively affordable cost;" rather than 6, 7,000 worth of wedding photography package, I think more than 1000 is very affordable, and photography is to have a souvenir "Ma Xiaohui thinks so.

    "no matter what to photograph, what kind of effect, and ultimately we want to get is a good memories and sweet feeling, this is the largest wedding in mind. "Pei Yi Xin a DIY wedding another emotional factor" compared to command to command by unknown photographer, by strangers stare at, and outdoor and indoor each day for the scene, I prefer someone taking a relaxed and happy, natural reality, recall seems to be in sight. "

    emotional manifestation of sweet memories, nature, become another attraction of DIY wedding photos, fun photos, simple framing, and later their misfortunes, a tired work worked hard fun.

    Hangzhou Netizen on the Forum put forward similar ideas for wedding:

    user Longshine, frankly, "affection is not photos", "ordinary" apple259fhx says: "it is. Once photographed, still feel the photos a little more meaningful. "Qian Tang xiaobai d point of view is:" there is no need. My wife and I decided to shoot, call two or three get the friends of photography, West Lake, Shanghai, Suzhou, where to go where you want to make, like how to shoot as much. "

    DIY wedding is low-key and pragmatic style, Captivate the younger generation ... ...

    white-collar popular thrifty style

    in fact, as the impact of the financial crisis on people's daily life gradually, many white-collar workers also became popular thrifty style, DIY wedding is one such, popularity of do it yourself dinner, reduced entertainment highlighted in Chinese intellectual life more clearly against the background of economic change.

    analysis of Lanzhou City University Associate Professor Wang Yanyan current changes, thinking that the Chinese in the face of social and economic change, the crisis already has a more mature state of mind: "Comparing at the beginning of the reform and opening up, people on the fear and uncertainty of the economic changes, the Chinese had a more mature economy after 30 psychological endurance. People can be more sober analysis of the current situation in the country, economic indicators, and is able to calm the effects of the financial crisis to China and shaking, from reality to solve negative effects this reaction we are mature national psychology. "

    Wang Yanyan said:" I recently Internet see a article was reproduced of is fire of articles, is ' white-collar should financial crisis ten enrollment ', is humor also is actual, inside mentioned has such as don't resigned, and don't for work, and don't turned, and don't select risk big of industry to venture; not active requirements boss added wage, layoffs often from wage high of CD up; as don't buy car, caution buy room; even also didn't feel crisis, also should days then had, 70% money now before the day ... ... This article reprint rates are very high, explains this view is universally popular. So, I agree with you like a photo yourself, personally home cooking has a tradition of frugality. "

    in contrast, others take a different view. Financial Planner Zheng Xiaoguang does not agree entirely frugal lifestyle, he says: "now the face of the financial crisis, everyone indeed will have a prudent financial plan, but judging from the national policy level, in fact, is currently a finance and investment opportunities. I think Yan Jie, and refers to the first half of 2010 will be a good opportunity to buy shares, the Shanghai stock market may from 2000 up to 4,000 points; and the second half of 2010 will be a very good buy opportunity, future prices to recover to 2006 of the market average. Future business will become a leader in China's industrial structure, followed by agriculture and manufacturing sectors. China's economy will shift from quantity to quality, low value-added manufacturing to India and other developing countries, and that China will become the major importer of these points I would have preferred, of course, it's all personal opinion. But for the frugal, I think without affecting their quality of life should also be considered on the basis of changes. ”