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Creating own personality wedding

"I don't like now more avant-garde forms of wedding photos, looks more like a couple photo, feels less formal, marriage is

the tie in a solemn wedding. "Eileen said. Before the honeymoon in Maldives, Eileen and her husband have been in the studio filmed several wedding

yarn according to, which is very traditional, very formal. She said she and her husband are very traditional people, would like to have a formal wedding photos hanging on the bed,

two people just stood and helped each other, just like MOM and Dad's wedding photos, faces have changed, but it is still very traditional,

very warm.

shoot while filming scenes in the Botanical Garden, large tail dress was a busy husband of Eileen. When the photographer's camera at a fountain, Eileen and

her husband carefully raised skirt walked over and set the pose, Assistant command: "put! "Real husband wow it

unreservedly in the air and follow the wash the skirt is hunkered down in the Lake" spectacular "scene ... ...

Eileen, marriage is still the most tired wedding banquet, as small as a handful of bouquets, a beverage sign, even for the whole tone and style of the wedding

all she personally selected. Because there is no wedding, Eileen worksheet to within a minute, but she is a careful and

patient girl. "When my father took me into the Hall, her husband came up to me at that moment, I was completely unable to control their emotions, this

is perhaps the most beautiful moment of my life! "

[example class] good photos is tempered

with a wedding trip, beautiful image to stay, is a very romantic thing to say, but is not easy to practice. From the previous

date of preparation, makeup, to the choice of shooting light angles and later image processing, bound, there are many can't-miss

details, Eileen brings you valuable experience to accelerate the drive for success.

first lecture: Nike

1. clothing ready


wedding dresses: best buy his own favorite, if not take it to a lot of places, also after many years it still looks beautiful. Your

cheap choice, white is best.

dress: can wing it, cannot be achieved on the day of the wedding, will not shoot the wedding later, so just this once can be crazy

, you can go to wedding dress shop to rent.

shoes: at least two pair. Matching wedding dress with light, preferably white; gowns and dresses with color blending, overhangs, fancy a

point as well.

white dress: a white, details demonstrates grade. White tuxedo, white trousers, vest, bow tie, white shirt, white

shoes and white socks.

black suit: black spirit, according to personal preferences and match shirts, ties, cravats, handkerchiefs.

2. shape ready to
to go abroad or to the field before the photo can around and ingenuity of a colleague, friend, with your usual styling consultancy or

to buy some books, or modeling makeup classes to learn.

lecture filmed part

1. determine the feel and style of

the best prints like the picture reference, or come up with your own wedding dress and styling, and understand photography friends for advice, and confirm that the photo when

day process, want special gestures, trying to take things (souvenirs, bubble, glass, flowers, etc) to specifically.

2. shooting day
confirmed shooting items whether are with complete has, frozen mineral water, and towel, and straw, and whole group gloves, and jewelry (necklace, and veil), and anti-sun milk, and

anti-mosquito liquid, another more prepared a Taiwan digital camera (for needs), and reflective Board,, photo Shi to more with some bouquet, because wedding and flowers of take

distribution is most beauty also most not errors of. While on location, preferably with a big white sheet or sheets, in addition to dress up in it, but also serves as a

little background.

3. shoot tips and pay attention to places
magazine models introduced earlier that put the tongue on the palate, smile natural, try the General before 11 o'clock, and after three or four o'clock in the afternoon

the sun light more stable, take out pictures more plump and soft. Shoot going to bed early the night before, apply mask before bed, drink less, keep a good


people say speaker binding posts "three points as seven", suggesting that in today's photography, especially the important position of wedding photography. If I were

revising the master plus mad men, get the best, most beautiful photos, it should be easy now. And in recent years silly

silly retouching software and half the advent of more non-professional players can clap your hands is more handy for his work "operation".
in addition, DIY-loving you, of course, will not let themselves create opportunities for the individual albums. Wukesong photography equipment city, the five-star

wholesale markets, Tao Tao, you can find many beautiful inexpensive unfinished album. Then, how to design, photos, meeting booking form

with your preferences.

[example recommended] factions took place--to recommend best wedding shoot in Beijing
don't have to go to a special Studio, not too well-known photographers, according to their own preferences, tastes and find your own "cold" beauty, belongs to

his personality photos has OK 80%.

1. Green aesthetic popularity index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ characteristics: Green & flower featured venue: Beijing botanical gardens, the Royal forest

of ancient
in Mulberry fields and acres of rich green leafy plants, with the clever mix of light and shadow, definitely is a good place for their wedding photos. Botanical Gardens area, and plant

species there are thousands of species of plants, are bouncing everywhere. Shot different effects in different parks, some gazebo also looks elegant. Rustic wood

quality suspension bridges, floating leaves of the Lake, towering trees, old vine mountain flowers are a very good background. Each year in a different month, Botanical Garden will organize

various flower festivals, add more themes to the wedding. In addition, four seasons such as spring in Beijing Botanical Garden greenhouse, is rich of tropical and subtropical plants, take the

view was beautiful, the shooting environment is superior, but please make reservations in advance.

2. the wild natural popularity index: ★ ★ ★ ★ traits: quiet beautiful natural scenery featured locations: shidu, and xiangshui

Lake, Tao Yuan Xian Valley, the Shen Tang Yu
the wild open space, shooting out even more of the atmosphere, background, or warm or desolate easy effect. Among them, the shidu 10 unique

landscape is famous for the ferry, there are mountains and rivers, qifeng cliffs, green hills ferry, just like painting, scenery is everywhere, very poetic, new

people writing a romantic chapter of the place.

3. Western popularity index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ traits: can compensate for the church wedding is not possible unfortunately recommended

location: Wangfujing Catholic Church
to the Church as the background, bride and groom join hands in small square smile, allows the cameras to stop forever. Among them, the Wangfujing Catholic

Church is one of the famous Roman-Catholic Church in Beijing area, from spring to winter and attracts a lot of new people to come to their wedding photos. Church building brick

wood, gray-brick dry wall, into the characteristics of Chinese architecture in the Western classical style. Layer of the wall of the Church, and brick and stone carving detail.
4. countryside quiet popularity index: ★ ★ ★ ★ features: elegant and quiet and artistic conception recommended sites: Sichuan village under

background of the picturesque scenery as photo tired of seeing, rather than a change of background, put the shot on location on the countryside, shooting out unexpected effect of

fruit. Characters are colorful, wedding dress is pure white, and visual contrast to dark background, can highlight the pure feelings of the characters.

5. Prairie pure popularity index: ★ ★ ★ characteristics: not modified people moved by the beauty of the recommended sites: Kang Xi Cao

original, Wild Duck Lake Wetland Park
bridal skirt and grooms walked arm in arm to run on the Prairie, oncoming wind up yibai, blowing through her hair ... ... Blue sky and white cloud in the distance,

adding dynamic elements to static, even if the figures in the photo looks so vibrant, this exciting! spring grass

, and green is not particularly strong, but spring Prairie weimang unique feeling, people often have a sense of moving.

6. dream dynamic sent popularity index: ★ ★ ★ ★ traits: reproduction all dream in the of stories recommended locations: Shijingshan tour

Le field, and joy Valley
gorgeous of color, and bright of lights, and wonderful of music, and rotating of Trojans, and around drift of cotton sugar of aroma, Prince charming riding with gallant

of white horse to meet himself...... All dream scenario, nearly all in the playground to find pirated, so pictures taken out in the playground

is a realistic version of the dreamy atmosphere of the work, which also attracted more and more young couples to think of playgrounds for the scene, of course, to most

good find, whether you want to make an appointment and pay.

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